FREEDOM”: l’arte che unisce i popoli.

"Free your mind"

The World Cup will give us the opportunity to live together in peace, not only in sports but also in everyday life.

Rio de Janeiro is the door that we must pass through, leaving behind rusty, outdated thoughts and entering a peaceful future. - Mary

"We want to introduce you our new project to be implemented during the upcoming Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014.
The project is called (R)Estate IN fabbrica and concerns, with regard to Ex-alt new Art, an international exhibition open to visual and performing arts.
The location in which the event will take place, is the note LA FABBRICA DEL VAPORE located in Milan, Via Procaccini 4.
The duration of the event is scheduled from 01 July to 17 July 2014 (to be confirmed).
LA FABBRICA DEL VAPORE, on the occasion of the sporting event, has decided to offer opportunities for entertainment with cultural events (music, art, cinema, multimedia, etc. ) to promote the human and artistic aggregation".

"Free your mind"

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