Where the words ends up….... begins visual communication …... a service door direct to the emotional area.

Abstract GEM Stones Art
Abstract GEM Stones Art

Works of art that reflect human interaction or relationships, events, fantasies, experiences and feelings, the magic of a spur of the moment, of a particular situation and/or of the surrounding or internal moods.

... These are brief moments which may be lost in the distant future or maybe already tomorrow, completely forgotten and dissolved into thin air. My works of art are those snapshots.

Country music is an inspiration, where I discover and feel emotions. The combination of these instants, the magic of the spur of a moment combined with the raw emotions create works of art that can be perceived visually.
My paintings are mixed media on canvas, very multi layered with a myriad of colours, contrast and texture and Gemstones. 

Each new art work I produce shimmers and sparkles and works with the light.   and each paintings appear to have a life of their own. It is difficult to fully show this in photographs.
These photos show the degree of detail that goes into my work.
Art is my passion and I like to think that I bring a little piece of happiness into people’s home with each art work sold.

Thanks for like my ART


Mary Bühler - Mary-Art Switzerland

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